Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Random Thoughts is currently experiencing technical difficulties. I have some "techno" type posting I want to do, but it seems to be harder than normal.

Here's a list of what's coming up.

* Lyric and Jazz's injuries (don't worry, nothing major)
*The National Anthem (Lyric sang at The Riverhawks game last night. She did a phenomemal job! Even better than last year)
* The Ellwood House (this was Jazz's field trip that I went along on. Very very cool place)
* the possibility of a new blog - I've been writing stories for over 20 years, I'm toying with a blog for the shorter ones....we'll see how this plays itself out

I'm also looking for people who would like to be guest bloggers. This will be part interview, part discussion, part party! Comment or email me if you are interested. Amy, once I work out some details, you can be up first!

So, there you go, as is typical with me, lots of things in the works. Stay tuned!

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