Friday, June 19, 2009

My Phone

Many of you know that I recent had my cell phone and my ipod touch "in the shop". I was able to get them both back within a few days of each other and all was right in the world. Until last night.

I took Jazz to her flute lesson. Then decided to get my haircut. It was so long, and I was so overdue. I was talking on the phone to Kelley on the way in. When I hung up with her, my phone turned itself off and back on.

While I was sitting in the chair, Lyric says "Hey, mom, when we get home you need to plug in your ipod. I can't get it to turn on." Uh huh. Not happy. Then, I leave there and head to Target. While I'm checking out, I try to call Kelley to tell her about something I bought (that is super cool and I should have photos next week). My phone turned itself off and on again.

Not cool! Since US Cellular is in a strip mall in front of Target, we head on over there. I explain my situation and the very nice girl (I'm SURE she was younger than me) isn't really sure what to do. We have a few options. A loaner phone again and send mine out, try putting in a new battery, get a new phone (and I did find a very cute one that will be my next phone), or do a used for used swap. Huh. Now I have to think. I like my phone very much, I just need it to work. Finally, we decide to do used for used. Let's see how long this will last.

BTW, I plugged in the touch at home and it's far. :-)


Amy said...

Technology is great.....when it works, that is!

lynn said...

You are just not having the luck with the gadgets lately are you?!

Unknown said...

Argh! I hate when cell phones are boogers!

a49erfangirl said...

I sure hope this phone works for you :)