Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello...Is it me you're looking for?!

Hello, my faithful readers! Sorry I haven't been as regular in posting lately. There's been a lot going on. I can't promise to post more, I can only promise to continue to post.

Chemistry starts tomorrow night. 7:25-10:05. Sounds fun, huh?!!? I know, I know, it's not fun...but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing. Still don't know anything about Nursing...but I'm waiting.

Went to see Twilight again tonight. I actually liked it better the second time. I felt like because I had already read the book and seen the movie, I could relax a bit. I could analyze parts/characters and not have to worry about what I was missing. I'm sure that when it comes out on DVD, we will have a copy and I will get the opportunity to watch it over and over and over again.
Note: you can now pre order Twilight and HSM 3 DVD's on Go ahead, you know you want to!

It's girl scout cookie time so if you don't have a girl scout in your area that you know, email me and we can hook you up for the cost of cookies and a small mailing fee.

Well, the weekend is almost over...I'll be checking in after class...

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Amy said...

My niece will be selling GS cookies, I can't wait, but my waistline can :)