Monday, January 19, 2009

Sowing a Seed

AKA help Amy win a call from Barbara Delinsky. You may remember that I won a phone call last year for being a blabbermouth?!? Well, this year's contest is the "sow the seed contest".

go to , click on the contact page and leave a note telling Barbara that I (Amy Krueger) sowed a seed for While My Sister Sleeps. that's it. Whoever gets the most people to head over there will win a phone call, a green basket (for a gardener) and a copy of a backlist book.

I'm okay with not winning, but it would be super cool if I did. I'm also looking at going to the book signing 2/19 in Oconomowoc. Is that close enough for me to drive?!? I think it is. I'm going to mapquest it right now!

1 comment:

lynn said...

Good luck! Hope you win but if not at least you get to meet her at the book signing. In person. Way better than a phone call!