Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's coming....

I've got a couple of things in line for this blog and a fun idea for the summer (but right now that's a secret). Lyric is doing an 80's themed performance this spring. They are practicing the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. She had me draw her some 80's outfits last night. (Draw being a relative term because Art was never my best sugject). She's thinking long sweater, leggings, bangles. It will be fun to help her pull that outfit together. I also pulled out my 80's lyric trivia book (looking for pix) and found some funny, funny stuff. So, once a week or so, I'm going to post some 80's lyric trivia. Check back and you can play along.

The summer project is going to be a compilation thing. I can't give out too many details right now, but I can say that it is going to be fun. I'll get to work with Ally, do something fun and ...well, maybe there is no and. Anyway, keep checking back for info on that this spring.

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lynn said...

Aaww! Come on, you can't just leave me hanging like that! LOL I wanna know.

Have fun getting that 80s outfit together and I look forward to the trivia!