Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vamplitude- buy it today

Here's a quick snyposis of a new book that is available for all to devour. If you like what you read, click on the link below and order a copy. This book is written by an e-friend of mine, and I'm all about helping her promote it!

A strange blanket of uncertainty falls over Exeter. The weather becomes unpredictable.
Strangers invade the town. Psychological chaos ensues.
There is a fork at the end of every road with no path being the clear option to crawl down.
The beautiful town turns black as darkness sets in to reinvent the future.

Kristoph is a talented Rock Star.

He has seen the world unfold, witnessing the greatest of miracles as well as the bowels of misery.
On the surface his fame and power cannot break his emotional barrier, void of passion, void of acceptance, and void of purpose.
He is grand in stature yet his handsome, youthful appearance is a symptom, and a reminder of the man he longs to be.
He is not alone in what ails him, but unknowingly, he is the catalyst to his own recovery.

Sarah is as beautiful as the small town she lives in. The loss of her mother during her childhood haunts her.
Between the silent fits of rage she feels for her father, she can only dream of knowing what it would have
been like to have him guide her into adulthood. Abandoned, naive, and gentle she gets
through her sheltered life with the help of her best friend Peter, and her legal guardian Carmilla.

Peter, the Priest is as devoted to Sarah as any Priest should be to their chosen path.
He has comforted Sarah since her cruel childhood, but is unable to do the same for himself.

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