Friday, December 21, 2007


Yesterday's news included a wonderful story about a mother and son work. Here's one of the links below:

This is such a wonderful story, especially at the holidays. I know that there are many others out there looking for biological parents. These little stories often show up and they are always excited and heartwarming.

The ones we don't usually hear about are the ones that don't have a happy ending. The ones where the birth mom never told her "new" family that she had another child, or the ones where the birth father isn't interested in a relationship, or maybe just outright denies the child. But they are out there. It's life. People get caught up in their day to day lives and push the past deep into the closet.

For those out there that have had happy reunions, I applaud you and send you a big cyber hug. For those that can't find the missing person, or don't have a happy outcome- you get an even bigger hug. Sometimes those can be more emotional than the "new beginning" stories.

At this season of giving and caring, make sure that you take time to tell your family you love them, give them an extra hug and enjoy them. Don't forget, Jesus died for you. Love don't get any bigger than that.

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