Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, this is it. The last day of 2007. This has been a weird and wonderful, crazy year. Lyric turned 13 so now I am a parent of a teenager. Which doesn't hardly seem possible, because I often feel like a teenager myself. I was blessed with the fortune of finding my biological father. Although, I'm not sure where that relationship is going, or the one I might have with my siblings (Hey, WR!) it was nice to finally put the final piece in my biology puzzle. I've made some friends, become closer to some and really just had fun.

I don't believe in Resolutions, because then there is a higher expectation, and it seems most resolutions are harder to keep. I make ongoing goals. I have a list of things to do in my lifetime. This list gets updated periodically. Some of the things on it are: See Lyric graduate from high school, see Baby graduate, attend Lyric's wedding, celebrate our 50th Anniversary (with Fisher of course). And then there are things for me: meet Barbara Delinsky and Rick Springfield, learn calligraphy, publish a novel (so much closer to getting this done), and travel to Australia.

One of my goals for 2008 is to be less of a complainer and more of a doer. If there is something that I can't fix/change, then I chose to accept it and not complain. That's one. Two is to be happy. That's pretty vague, but I like it that way because different things make me happy at different times. So here's to a Rockin', Happy, Somewhat uneventful 2008!


lynn said...

Happy New Year, Amy! I hope you get to do all you have on your list including that trip we are planning to Australia ;)
and especially meeting one Mr. Springfield.

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Happy New Year Amy! I feel in my soul and heart that it's gonna be a great year for you! And when you go to Australia, take me along in your expandable luggage, okay? I feel the need to see my cockatoos native to the area in free flight!!!!

And of course, may that newfound family situation be made even better. That is MY wish for you as you deserve it!