Monday, October 15, 2007

Enchanted and more

Who's ready for Christmas?? You do know that it is less than 3 months away, right?? I recent signed up as an affiliate with Enchanted Potions. I've been watching their website for years, and I was previously signed up as an affiliate, but I didn't have a good website to go with it. Well, anywhere, here's the deal. I can get 30% off anything I order (They have some great products over there that I'm sure I won't want to share), I can do parties, or if somebody else is interested, I can make a team. There's really no pressure. Well, there's one thing. You have to place an order (any size) once every quarter. Nice, huh?!? The friendly people who starte this company, are awesome! I'm looking forward to making "body baskets" for my girls and maybe buying some extras to have on hand for those last minute birthday gifts.

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lynn said...

What kind of stuff do they have, what's the link?