Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Are two "Ricks" better than one?

This is a thought that I have been contemplating since watching General Hospital last night. (I watch on SoapNet at 9pm) I love Rick Springfield. I think it is very cool that after two decades they brought back Noah Drake. I love General Hospital. I'm sure that I have been watching this show on and off my whole life. I think Eli Love is hoot. He's so funny, quirky, and not bad too look at (for a guy with a brain anurysm). But are two Rick really better than one? I'm not sure.

I smiled when Eli appeared at the beginning of the show, and smiled a little wider when Noah appeared. Then I just giggled when Noah and Eli were in the same room. Was the storyline funny? No. Was there a wardrobe malfunction? Unfortunately, not. I was sitting there picturing Rick talking to an empty bed, or a stand in, and the whole concept of the storyline was lost. I got caught up in reality and couldn't buy Noah and Eli in the same room. Then I started to wonder if Rick was getting paid double for doing two characters. Food for thought.

I will continue to watch GH, because I love to see Rick getting some screen time, I think scrubs are awesome and I, for one, really want to see Jason and Elizabeth get together. I like Lucky, but I don't think he fits with Elizabeth anymore. It's too weird. That could be her fault, but regardless, I want to see Jason and Sam break up too. Sam is DEFINITELY not good enough for him. Or not right for him anyway.

When Noah fades back into the darkness, will I still watch? Yes. I will continue to follow the show, maybe not daily, but since it is SOOOO much better than Days right now, how can I turn away.

And, one last thought. Have these guys not ever, EVER thought of lip syncing?!? Patrick keeps saying how Noah can learn the songs, etc etc. Dude, all you gotta do is get up there and lip sync and pretend to play the guitar. Learn the songs, you don't have to actually sing them! I'm looking forward to Rick actually singing on the show, and I think this is a good way to make it happen, without compromising Rick as an artist or Noah as a doctor.

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