Monday, June 04, 2007

Aqua Fest review

I was cleaning the other day and came across this review that I wrote about Rick's show in Rice Lake, was like what 3, 4 years ago. Enjoy.

Rick Springfield's performance at Aquafest was typical of his entertainment style. After a couple of false starts ("The Gathering" played twice as did a few songs from Karma, Rick's ___ album), he quickly got the crowd involved. Several audience members participated in singing "DTTS". A song during which Mr. Springfield generally retrieves someone's cell phone from the audience to speak to the none to expecting party on the other end. At this performance, Rick summoned a somewhat unwilling member of the stage security to come up front and sing. "Mike" did as well as could be expected for a non fan and the audience cheered.

A few songs later, during IGE, or at least at the beginning of it, Rick said "I need a little help up here" and women started pushing their way towards the stage. He then informed the audience (and security) "We'll take the first 10". Yours truly jumped over the orange, plastic, fake fence and rushed up the steps (and was able to enjoy a moment of being in such close proximity to such a wonderful entertainer.) I was able to take a couple of pictures of him with the guitar girl (who was right next to me...all I needed to do was take a step to the right and it could have been me.

I continued singing along and before leaving the stage, received a hug from the man himself. Have you ever noticed that he smells like vanilla?!?

Rick and the guys played mostly older songs that everybody could sing along to. Noticably missing were songs from Rock of Life and Karma. The guys left for a quick break and when they returned for the encore, Rick informed the audience that the band was about to do a ballad from the new CD. This ballad is called "idontwantanythingfromyou". It was a great laugh for those in the know, and a surprise for those that weren't.

Rick left the stage but not before throwing out his trademark hug and kiss to the audience.

Special notes not included in the review.
*Rick announced "I'm gonna come out there" and the crowd went wild. He put on the headset and worked his way out and about into the sea of 30 something faces. He was not visible to most, but he sang the whole way.
*He took the stage in a black tee and black shoes, and his camo cargo pants, looking good as ever.
*he came to stand on the equipment cases placed on their side next to the orange fencing and asked "how's my hair?" A little while later, he asked "Has anyone here seen my naked butt?" which lead into a near perfect rendition of "Love Somebody"
*Overall, he looked good, sounded great and was able to laugh at himself as he messed up or forgot the words.
*After Rick asked, "IF this is Aquafest where is the water?" Someone opened a bottle of water and sprayed it at him. He laughed and said "There it is."

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