Friday, December 08, 2006

A Month later...

I did not even come close to blogging once a month....Not even a little bit. I did actually write a little. But that's it. No excuses, just busy. next week is finals so then I might actually get a chance to breath.

Tonight, Rick Springfield is doing his Concer For Sahara. I hope everybody has a great time, and I hope that just for a few hours, Sahara and her family can enjoy themselves and forget that Sahara is sick....I'm praying for her recovery, as are a lot of others.

Christmas is coming...are you done with your shopping? I haven't even sent my cards out yet. But they should be ready this weekend. I'm just waiting for some pix of the girls to come in. Shopping is close to being done, but not quite there. Hopefully next weekend, I'll have time to finish up. I would love to have a few low to no stress days before the holidays. We are hosting Christmas Eve, and then visiting others on Christmas Day. The kids will love it.

Okay, gotta git....Have a good weekend.

C Ya~

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