Monday, October 23, 2006

Good things, bad things, red things, black things....

That was pretty funny! I'm no Dr. Suess, though. Good things: Sahara Aldridge is back home, My husband is almost home from his fishing trip, got my car back last week, the kids are healthy. Bad things: received word last week about a 12 year old boy with a brain tumor (sounds similar to Sahara's), cell phones and water don't mix, car is still over heating, have another A & P test this week. Red things: devil horns...for those of you that were at the Joliet, IL Rick Springfield show, this is for you, Black, hmm, I can't think of anything....that's a good thing, right?!?

Things are trucking right along around here. A & P is more than half over....YEAH...we have another test this week..NAY....It's actually going pretty well....but I'm not sure that I will walk away with an A, I'm shooting for it though. Algebra is going okay. We're doing some stuff that is a little complicated, and I can't apply it to real world stuff, but still, overall, going well.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?!? Not me. Well, actually I have bought a couple of things, and I do have some ideas, but no productive shopping yet. Honestly, that may not happen until 12/15. (that's when I'm done with finals). Could make it interesting, unless I mail order stuff, then I could get it done sooner.

Anyway, back to work, school, housework, etc, etc, with a little entertainment thrown in for good measure (GREY'S ANATOMY ROCKS)

Til next time~
C Ya!~

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Anonymous said...

i read all ur blogs 4 the 1st time, recently, & said a prayer 4 Sahara(what a cute name, huh?) anyways, im learning my prayers 4 healing get answered quite satisfactory. I did take out a moment & said prayer OF FAITH 4 her(meaning: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen-Hebrews 11:1) &, figured I should respond 2 this blog of good news!

i need 2 share something. noticed there was one blog i read(cant find it) which said "pray pray pray" i agree, thats great! but, i need 2 share somethin with u concerning this subject. Jesus told us this: For verily I say unto you, That whosoever(meaning: whosoever) shall say unto this mountain,(obstacle, problem, etc) Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith(us saith) shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Mark 11:23 This is faith! I want to encourage you. If you pray according to what Jesus has said & do not doubt you are confident your prayer is answered. Let me say that all our prayers are heard, so its not about that. Its about our faith in asking. Speak it, claim it to be the way you desire according 2 God’s will! Jesus said it, you can do it!

I have much wisdom, from on high. But, its because I asked for it. Many people don’t see the wisdom of having wisdom. Matter of fact, so much so, they don’t even know what it is. The bible says.. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…Hosea 4:6 This is referring to God’s people, not unbelievers. WE NEED WISDOM IN THESE DAYS, RIGHT!? Solomon asked for wisdom, above everything else, & guess what! Wisdom brought prosperity, which it always does. It brought soo very much more, as well! Things which are unimaginable unless one experiences wisdom themself! God is good! (That’s what the bible says)

I DO NOT have a blog myself. catch ya later, Being more like Jesus is the answer to everything! Luv ya!