Monday, August 17, 2009

My Wisconsin State Fair Experience

Yes I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. Yes I went with hubby and the girls. Yes my mom and best friend meet us there. Yes I got to see Rick Springfield. Yes I had two semi serious meltdowns. yup, me, meltdown. Hard to believe right?!? here's what went down.

We got to the fair in decent time. We headed in. About the same time we got there, Lynn and her mom got there. I needed to find them to get the extra ticket for the show. We found Fisher's brother fairly quickly. The boys headed off to do whatever it was they wanted to do. The girls and I headed off to find Lynn.

That was actually pretty quick. we hung out and talked for a few minutes and then Lynn headed in while I went to get something to eat. Kelley called to let me know that they were there and at gate 8. The girls and I started walking in the direction I thought we should go (I did have a map afterall) and got to a gate. It was the wrong one. I called Kelley and she gave me some more directions to where they were. It seems we had gone too far.

I called Kelley again and told her I had absolutely no idea where they were. She then asked the guy working there for some help. After a few non helpful directions, he finally said "the tunnel exit". AHA! that sign I had seen. We finally found them about the time that Tyler Hilton was starting his show.

Everybody took a quick potty break and then we headed to the grandstand. Since my girls were going to sit in the grandstand and the rest of us were on the ground, I wanted to make sure that both girls had their phones. I couldn't find Jazz's in my purse, so I threw a little hissy fit by turning my purse upside down and shaking everything out. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had taken it while I was in the bathroom. Nice! Anyway, my mom and Kelley picked everything up for me (thanks!), asked me if I was ok (not really!) and we headed into the show.

Tyler did a great job and I will be looking him up on itunes soon. Rick did a great job as well. My mom's camera batteries were dead and it was killing her that she couldn't take photos so she kept taking my camera and Kelley's camera and going up front.

Later in the show, Rick came out for Human Touch and ended up walking right behind us on our seats. He used my mom's shoulder to steady himself and after the show she said, "How much you wanna pay to touch my shirt?" LOL I love my mom.

Anyway, we had a nice time. Fisher had a great visit with his brother. And Jazz said after "I forgot how much I like Rick concerts!"

Here's a few of the better photos from my camera.


Amy said...

OH I am so jealous....yummy last photo :)

lynn said...

Amy! I love you! You captured my moment! I'm "stealing" that pic!

Unknown said...

Rick bought my granddaughter on stage and sang with her, I have no pictures. Any chance you captured one? Please post or send to