Tuesday, June 10, 2008

run one is done

Here's the flier, poster, promo information for Lyric's play. The first run was last week and boy, are we glad to be done with it. She did seven shows in 6 days. Of course, the day that they did 2 shows was very humid, hot, muggy, sticky, just icky. And did I mention the stage is outside?? The stage itself is actually air conditioned for the actors, but she said that she couldn't even feel it. It's a "World Premier" as this play is brand new. It was written by "The Mikes" who have been active in theater for YEARS.
Anyway, she has a bit of a break until July 6, which is great. School's out now, too. so she can have some down time. Sleep in. Do some chores around the house for me. (LOL)

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