Friday, May 09, 2008

Rejected and accepted

A couple of months ago, Baby tried out for the Fine Art and Academic Academies in our school district. A month or so ago, we got the letters that she did not get in to either. This was heartbreaking news for us as well as her. She wanted to go there because Lyric did, and she has had some social issues, so she wanted to try something new.

Yesterday, we got a new letter. There is an opening in the Academic Academy if she wants it. YEAH! We're so excited. It will mean a new school and new friends, but a different experience from what Lyric did. (Lyric was in Fine Arts) It will hopefully be a positive change for her.

Okay, I'm off to Milwaukee now. I might come home tomorrow having met Rick Springfield. cross your fingers.


ALLY2HisHeart said...

WOO WHO for Baby! Things DO work out as meant to be....



lynn said...

That's great! Good luck to her!