Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Binders, binders, binder.  You know:  1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch plastic covered cardboard with three rings and comes in diferent colors!?!?  I love binders.  i use them for everything.  I have one for information about my new apartment.  One for my Avon business stuff and one for my Avon customer information.  I have one for my friend's wedding plans and one for all my school information. 

I have binders at work for notes about my job, payroll, department charges, and more

I use binders to keep all kinds of things organzied.  I prefer the ones with the plastic sleeve on the front so you can give it a pretty cover.  But even the plain ones you can slap a sticker on so you know what's in it.

I have a nice little stash of extras and i add to it at school supply time when they are on sale for like 50 cents.  some binders get reused and others will hold their information for years.

What's your favorite organizing tool??