Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey, all....TV shows and More

DId you see Rock of Love?!? Did you see crazy Lacey finally go home. I thought that Brett was pretty smart in his thinking that if she was hiding things from her parents, she was probably going to hide things from him as well. When she was "throwing heather under the bus", I'm glad that Heather overheard and that she confronted her on it. Poor Brett, When Lacey's dad asked about their "relations" I thought he was going to throw up! Funny TV though. So, now we are down to Jes and Heather. I really, really want Jess to win. I think the last episode is going to be crazy! And I heard that they filmed a reunion with Brett and all the girls, so that should be on in a week or so.

Next week starts ABC's fall lineup. Can't wait for my Grey's Anatomy. That's the only show I'm really looking forward to right now. We'll have to see what else shows up. I found out last week that Crossing Jordan got cancelled. Not Happy!

and last but not least, I finally figured out how to add things to my cafepress store, so if you feel the need, desire, curiosity, head on over to:

Let me know what you think!

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